~ Setup Information ~

Step 1: 

Remove the contents of the keyboard box which was shipped along with your all-in-one PC.  Inside you should have a mouse, keyboard, 4-pack of batteries, and wireless USB adapter.

Step 2:

Plug the wireless adapter into one of the USB ports of the computer. Windows will chime indicating that the device has been connected.

If it does not give you any indication it is connected. Unplug the adapter and try another USB port.  Note:  If your volume is turned down or mute you might not hear the sound indicating it has connected.

Step 3:

Open the back plate of both the keyboard and mouse.  Place the batteries into both and turn them to the on position.   The power switch can be found on the bottom of the mouse and keyboard.

In this video we show you step-by-step how to setup your new Dell keyboard and mouse.

Common Questions

Q: Are batteries included with the mouse/keyboard?

A: Yes. 4 AA batteries are included in the box.

Q: Can I use this mouse/keyboard with other devices?

A: Most devices will work as long as they have a USB port and support mouse/keyboard input.

This is the wireless adapter included with the product.

This is required for the peripherals to interface with your devices.

In the event that your order did not include the wireless adapter or your product is damaged, contact the company where the product was purchased.

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