When you first get your new computer, you will have the trial version of McAfee installed. 

First you must uninstall the trial version of McAfee before you can install the full version that came with your bundle.

Step #2.

Press the Windows key on the lower left side of your keyboard and the letter S together at the same time to bring up the search menu.

Type “Programs and Features” and press enter or click the top result.

Step #3.

Select one of the McAfee application listed then click the option at the top of the window called “Uninstall” or right click on the application itself and click “Uninstall”.

Repeat this task for any other applications associated with McAfee.

You may be prompted to reboot the computer during the uninstall process. Select the option to reboot later until you are finished uninstalling all the McAfee trial software.


Step #4.

Once you have fully uninstalled the trial version you may begin the installation by inserting your McAfee installation CD or by activating the application online.

Click here to activate McAfee Anti-Virus Plus online.

Step #5.

Once you have successfully entered your activation code provided in your software bundle  you will be taken to the account sign in page. 

If you already have a McAfee account sign in using that same account to download your software.  

If you are a new user and do not have an account. Click the option “Register” to create a new McAfee account. 

Note: You must have a valid and accessible Email account to create a new McAfee account. 

Step #6.

Creating a new McAfee account is as simple as filling in the blanks with your name and Email address.

Create a memorable password and be sure to put it in a safe place.

Click “I Agree” to continue.

Step #7.

Now you will be able to download the installer for McAfee.

Click the “Download” button to begin downloading your software.

Step #8.

You will be shown the terms and conditions for McAfee’s software.

Click “Accept” to continue with your download.

Step #9.

Here you will see a Serial number.  You should save this code in the event that the installation fails to install. 

Click “Download” to finish downloading your McAfee software.

Step #10.

When the installer has finished downloading you should see it in the bottom left hand side of your browser or you can find it in your Downloads folder.

Click on the installation file to begin installing the McAfee Anti-Virus Plus software.

Step #11.

The first thing the installer will do is begin a quick scan for any possible threats or applications that may prevent it from installing.  This process may take 3-10 minutes depending on how much space has been used on your hard drive.

Step #12.

Here you may be asked to sign into your McAfee account using the same username and password you registered with.

Username = Your Email address you signed up with.

Password = the password you used when you signed up.

Note: If you do not remember your login information you can reset the password by clicking here and clicking on “Forgot Your Password?“.

If you cannot remember ether username or password you may contact McAfee at 866-622-3911 6am-6pm PST

Step #13.

Select the option for “Complete (Recommended)”.

Then click “Next” to continue.

Step #14.

The installer will now begin downloading all the files and information required for installation. 

Please do not power down or disconnect from the Internet during the installation as this could corrupt the installation process.

Step #15.

McAfee is now being installed to the device.

Please do not power down or disconnect the computer from the Internet as this could corrupt the installation process.

Step #16.

The installer will now ask you if you would like to send information about virus data McAfee may detect.

You may opt out by unchecking the box as shown in the image.

Click “Next” to continue.

Step #17.

McAfee will run a quick scan to look for any compatibility problems or any other possibles that may prevent it from installing or causing harm to your computer such as a virus.

Step #18.

Once the installation is complete you are all set. McAfee will now take over protecting your computer from any unwanted malware or viruses.

Click “Finish” to complete the installation process.

Installation Completed.

Now that you’ve finished the installation process you will now see McAfee located in the notification tray on the lower right hand corner of your screen.

You will also see an Icon listed on your desktop and in the start menu.

Your McAfee activation code is location inside your software bundle.

Here is an example of what your bundle might look like.

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