~ Setup Information ~

Step 1: Plug your HDMI cable into the back of your PlayStation 4, then connect it to the back of your TV or monitor. (Make sure to change the input channel to the one you have just plugged the cable HDMI cable into).

Step 2: Plug in your Ethernet cable if you have one available. If you do not have one, don’t worry, the PlayStation also has built in wireless internet connections.

Step 3: Plug in your power AC cable that came with your new PlayStation 4 to the back of your device then into a power source. (Preferably a protected power strip or outlet).

Step 4: Turn on your PlayStation 4 and follow the prompts shown on the screen to setup your internet connection and account creation.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What type of cable do I need to connect my PlayStation 4 to my TV or monitor?

A: The PlayStation 4 uses a male to male HDMI cable also capable of carrying audio. There is also an optional optical audio output.

HDMI 1.4 out port, digital out optical port. SD output is supported for lower-resolution displays. HD output at 720p, 1080p

Q: How long does the controller last on a full charge and can I charge it while playing my games?

A: The PlayStation 4 controller has an average life of 6-8 hours and you can charge the controller while playing your games without any interruption.

Q: Do I require an internet connection to play my games?

A: You will not have access to the store or other online features without an internet connection however if your game has a single player mode you will be able to play it without issue.

Q: How many controllers can I connect at one time?

A: The PlayStation 4 can connect up to 4 controllers at once.

Q: Can I use external storage devices to save my game?

A: No, This feature is not supported.

Q: Does the PlayStation 4 support a 4K gaming resolution?

A: No, The max output of the PlayStation 4 is 1080p. 

Q: Can I replace the built in 500Gb hard drive that came with my PlayStation 4 for more storage space?

A: Yes, The Case opens up on one side allowing you to remove the old hard drive and place in a new one. The new hard drive must conform to the same dimensions ( 9.5mm ) as the one that comes stock and must be larger than 16Gb in storage space.

Video Tutorials

This video will show you how to create your new account for your PlayStation 4.

This video will show you how to create a new user account for your PlayStation 4

This video will show you how to connect your PlayStation 4 to your home or local internet connection. 

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