We can help you fix your Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1)  issues and problems.  Windows 8 is multi-platform touch friendly version of Windows that replaced Windows 7.  When working properly it is a very fast and robust operating system.

Still, if you are installing new software or adding peripherals you run the risk of something not going properly.  If you’re stuck and can’t get Windows 8 up and running like it should, Device Advice is here with Windows 8 help.


We offer:

Expert U.S. Based support – no communication barriers so we can get your Windows 8 fixed fast.

Windows 8 fixes and repairs of critical problems

Windows 8 tune up.  Get your Windows 8 running like a fresh install.

Windows 8 driver update support.

Windows 8 service pack update support.

Windows 8 new software installation support

Windows 8 software removal support.

Help recovering lost files.

Help setting up a Windows 87 backup options

Help turning on and off Windows 8 features

Windows 8 spyware, malware, adware removal.

Coaching on how to keep Windows 8 running smooth on your computer.

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